Friday, January 22, 2010

Exciting Find

Today to Mechelen. Mummy and baby are having a pajama day today. Just a {{{{drive}}}} up the road. Another city of central plazas, winding streets, canals, and no end of church spires.

The reason most people visit Mechelen is for this cathedral

In behind all the churches still stands the De WitTapestries Royal Manufacturers

This wall of wool was taken rather rapidly in low light.
Take a Virtual Tour Here

I will definitely return to this place. You have to join a tour on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.

Upon further inspection, these look like two little piggies having a chat. This is exactly what the Professor and I will be doing as we demolish these apple pastries!

Oink Oink


  1. How WERE they? They DO look like two little piggies...but they also worked well as the calendar option!

  2. Basically they are delicious baked apples enrobed in this puffy pastry with a little icing sugar sprinkle. Perfect for breakfast!! :) OINK

  3. Great shots, and delicious breakfast.

  4. Oh, my...those look so good!!!