Monday, January 18, 2010

Going to find the ponies

While the newly conquered laundry machine takes it's own precious time, we decide to go on a hunt for the ponies. We'd been down the road and gazed over the fence the other day, but apparently there is backyard access to the animals. Down the path and around the corner and there they are!!! All at once, one pony spies us, and probably anticipating an apple or something, comes trotting along to the fence, quickly followed by the entire group of seven.

I have to admit to being slightly fearful of horses. These are ponies!! The size of very large dogs. Of course now we have to play the game of giving them our own names in order to distinguish which one we are talking about. The first to arrive is STAR. The friendliest and tiniest of the herd.

Not to be confused with Star, but almost identical with the exception of being a bit larger is DREW as in Barrymore...the black tips on the hair this case hooves. Totally enthusiastic.

The grey muzzle with the youthful streaks has to be DIANE Keaton. honour of Lucille Ball...the only redhead in the group.

This has to be the MARILYN Monroe of ponies.

Old PIEBALD was a racehorse



Goats need as much time as ponies Lady!!! BAAAAAAAAAAH says NANNY

It was fun finding the livestock on the property. It's a rather chilly, grey's Belgium in the winter. The horses don't seem to mind. I'm saving my apples for them.


  1. Ok Ok Let me try Zoë weeeee success. Leslie ,I'm so enjoying your posts.It really is a treat,honor even to be "brought" along on this wonderful trip to meet Zoë. And your adventures around Belgium,now really who else would we want as our tour guide much fun.Could you have missed a calling??? if you look out the right side of the coach you will
    Keep the pictures coming
    Hugs to all
    PS.Have your seen any BEEs :)

  2. Love these photos, you did a smashing job with the names! I kinda know what you mean about horses. When I was 6, I fell off of my sister's horse and had the wind knocked out of me for quite some time. I do believe they can sense fear!

  3. Love your new horsey friends! Their names certainly suit them.

  4. Oh my word....the day was complete with all new friends. Love the adventure.

  5. I love their curious wooly faces and can see there is going to be a run on apples at the local grocery.

  6. One of your best posts ever! The photos are fabulous and the copy showcases the now TransAtlantic LeslieJ wit.