Friday, January 15, 2010

A little outing today

Just after breakfast and getting ready to go out and pick up Mummy's new car today.

Oh! Eyes are opening a bit more too!

Getting on all those clothes to go out is quite tiring.

Being in Grandpapa's arms is so relaxing

Today's photo shoot features Auntie Helen's blanket

This is the life

We're going to go to sleep now, see you soon


  1. Ma Soeur,
    Just look at wee Zoe's little mouth. There is no question, it is identical to that of Grandmaman. And I just love the little tootsies! Absolutely adorable. How did the first ride in the new vehicle work out? So much excitement.

  2. It's rather uncanny, when I look over at Larry holding Zoë and see Jane as a baby. Pretty identical. The new vehicle is a fancy Peugeot. Jane is not allowed to drive yet, but the ride with baby in the backseat was famous. Larry and I now have the brand new car...yet another learning curve. Once I figured out the key which is like a switchblade, Zoë, like most babies, loves the car. She is still sleeping a lot...only ONE WEEK OLD...can you imagine. Those feet have never touched the ground!

  3. So beautiful!! Did you bring some paint to stamp her foot?

  4. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. We visited baby Bryan and family today so I can relate to the miracle and beauty of new babies.Zoe is adorable.

  5. Well, heart-melting photographs, every one. I'm so happy you're getting to spend this time with her.

  6. Oh sweetheart....what a day to remember forever. Fabulous!!! You are right...this IS the life.

  7. It appears that the vote is in on both sides of the Atlantic; Zoë is a perfect baby from top to toe. I can feel the love in your hearts from here.