Friday, January 22, 2010

On the trail

After being alerted to reading the post "Lost World" at The Neo Lifestyle, I was determined to find this cemetery in Brussels. Today the sun was shining and and we had some time in the afternoon, so off we ventured. I must say that we were lucky to get there in the conventional way...we could have ended up there permanently after the route we took. Hills, narrow streets, speed, roundabouts, construction, in a word Brussels.

Just wander with us and listen to Philippe Hirshhorn who I was surprised to find here.

These ceramic flower wreaths are something I have never seen in North America

Phillippe Hirschhorn

This type of picture is also quite prevalent. What an interesting process, considering their age.

So vibrant, you might think them real

I can't thank The Neo Lifestyle enough for this wonderful enlightenment. I am on the trail of all of his Brussel's postings. Next time though, I'm taking public transit :)


  1. That is really lovely. We have to go together sometime.

  2. It's so green there. Great shots.

  3. I'd like to hop on the next plane to Brussels to visit you, eat apple pastries and start Photoshop-ing your pictures. You're taking some amazing shots. Loved the ceramic wreath.

  4. Love these images...tranquil, romantic. You do have the eye of an artist. Unusual wreath, never seen those, either.


  5. Your pictures are beautiful. What a peaceful place.