Saturday, January 16, 2010

What is this all about

Sometimes, when you are a black boy kitty who just ended up with a new human sister (girls now outnumber the boys) you just feel like hiding. It says "Maxi-Cosi", and Pi can vouch for that. He is almost invisible in the baby's carrier. He likes it that way. Even his eyes match.

Happy Sunday everyone. We finally found a large coffee!

On behalf of all my foodie friends out there, I ate the pecan strudel!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm. Is this allowed this kitty in the carrier bit?

  2. If you have any friends who are NOT foodies....I would wonder who they were and why you were friends!! We ate at a Belgian restaurant we love yesterday....kind of like healthy great fast food...
    Do you go there? They have several in this area.

  3. Allowed or not, that cat blends in so well you don't see him till it's too late. The cats are not the least bit interested in the baby, and spend most of their time outside or sleeping soundly.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up D. I will certainly look for this place, either in Brussels or the other locations I found on the web.

    Het Dagelijks Brood/Le Pain Quotidien
    Zavelstraat 11 Rue des Sablons, Brussels, Belgium

    It's found in Paris and New York, but this internationally renowned bakery is a Belgian invention, and many folks admit that this is still the best bread in the city. In truth, it's not just a bakery, but also a patisserie, delicatessen, snack bar and coffee house. Their farmers' bread is still baked by artisans. This shop (as well as its 10 other Brussels locations) has a provincial atmosphere, decorated with pine furniture and cream-coloured walls. The menu includes a selection of open sandwiches (try the typical cheese platter with radish and onions), salads and tarts.

  5. NOW WE'RE TALKING!! You should definitely find one. Have the smoked salmon tartine. It's one of my favs. They also have lots of vegan options so it's great for both of us.

    love, D