Monday, February 22, 2010

After the party

Zoë went to her first party yesterday. The pre-natal group get-together after all the babies are born. Zoë was the youngest in the group and I can't wait to see the photo that they took of all the babies lined up on the bed. It was not a long party as the guests had all had about enough after a few hours. This is how our little miss looked upon returning. All dressed up for her first festivity.

Finally a shot with the eyes open. I still don't like taking photos of babies with the flash. I'm so worried it may hurt their little eyes. We don't have a lot of pictures with her eyes open, because when they are, she is usually busy with the necessities of life and then she's asleep again. This past week she slept through the night, and now at a bit over 10 pounds, Jane and Michael are hoping a new trend is setting in.

The guests have gone and the galavanting has stopped for a bit, so more photos of Zoë will be forthcoming. We are planning a photo organization later today. I am also hoping to learn how to do a video for the blog. Stay tuned.


  1. What wonderful colours....a fashionista! I remember our party of the same nature, only Rob was the first born out of our group and I recall he seemed so big compared to the other babies. Looking forward to that video......

  2. What a grand time your little lady is having. Has she been to the Eiffel Tower yet?

  3. A party animal like her grandmother I see. Most adorable indeed.

  4. I am so glad that Zoe is fitting into her outfit. It was such fun shopping for it, and she looks so cute.
    Sleeping through the night and attending her first party are two major milestones in a tiny baby's life. Everything sounds wonderful.

  5. "Rrrrow", she should be on the catwalk. Heidi Klum look out!