Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Day in Ghent


  1. I wish I received mail this way!

  2. Lovely. But you must include at least one picture of Zoe.

  3. Is the mail slot spitting them out? or swallowing them? and I agree with Irene -- you must include at least one shot of Zoe, :)(not that I don't love this!)

  4. Ok Lesley,
    Tell the truth...You stuffed them in and ran that I've figured out the game ..
    Where is Zoë?? We love seeing the pictures of her and the family. Hey, think Jane would lend her out? Come on, I used to lend you Graeme and Alex when you wanted to go to a Mooseeys!!
    Did you notice I remembered the umlaut ..going for brownie points, now be sure to show Jane.
    Growing up with Schütte as my last name just shows I know how important those little dots are.
    Are you ever ccming home? Does Jane know this Trip(move) might be permanent ??lol
    Safe travels
    Hugs to all
    Love ya

  5. Leslie, did you know I have to look for those little mandarin with "leaves" for my Mom every year for Chinese New Year? Luckily I was able to buy some nice ones at Longo for her this year. They meant good luck :)