Saturday, February 6, 2010

Antwerp is Rubens

When you arrive in Antwerp you know it's a different Belgian city. Even the train station is classy.

Okay so it's the diamond center as well, but we're not here for jewels today.

When you tour Antwerp in February, sometimes you have galleries almost all to yourselves. Is anyone coming to see us?????

This is why you must love Rubens. Real women. Love it. One is allowed to take pictures without flash of Rubens' work, but not of bakery windows!

Statue in the square.

In the garden at Rubens' house.

The courtyard of Rubens' Antwerp home.

This is the dinner at "The Bistro". It was chicken with almonds, caramelized apples, and plump raisins in a Marsala wine sauce. The garnish was a string of jewel-like currants and a sprig of cress. I will definitely try to recreate this meal. The photo is grainy as I was surreptitiously taking it with no flash in a dimly lit restaurant.

After a long day, there is nothing like sitting in a cosy bistro with a glass of champagne and a plate of cheeses with little olives, gherkins, and cocktail onions with a dipping mustard. Then the lights go down and dinner is served. Total time two and a half hours. So civilized. The last train home ends a wonderful day.


  1. May I come for this dinner? Isn't Antwerp lovely? I'm so glad that you were able to experience the City and the glory of Rubens.

  2. Yet another lovely entry, such views, and great photos! We are buried in snow in the DC area, something else altogether...