Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26th. is a special day

This is a picture of my great-aunt Jean. My father's, mother's, sister. Aunt Jean is celebrating her 100th. birthday today! She's the most amazing woman I know.

Zoë at 7 weeks, one hundred years apart in age!

This is Aunt Jean and another special cousin Alta Rodger who is also celebrating a birthday today, but we're not saying which's just special.

This is my nephew Mark, seated beside my great-niece Madeline. He's a great guy and we're not telling his age either, but he is available :)

This is our dear (I was about to say oldest) friend Charles...the one on the right. You'd never believe how old he is....pretty good for an 85 year old eh! :)

Happy Happy Day to some very special people in my life who happen to share this date as their special day. I'll eat a little Belgian Chocolate in your collective honour and a cake too! Best wishes all. XXXOOO


  1. Spectacular; doesn't she look amazing! Happy Birthday to the birthday people of the day.

  2. Lovely tribute! Happy birthday one and all.

    It's so hard to believe Mark is the same sweet guy who summered with you while we were at Princeton!

    You have a lovely family (and friends)

  3. Ma Soeur,
    How nice to know that the old guy at the end is in such good company. It must be something about the date, because all of these people look amazing. What a special day for your great aunt. You have always spoken so fondly of all these people. (Well maybe not always about Charles.) Happy birthday to all.

  4. Many happy returns of the day to these special people....whatever they are doing, they should keep doing, they are a fine-looking lot!


  5. Good genes! I just love these family stories. You look like your aunt!

  6. I just love this post, it makes me feel wonderful. Happy birthday to one and all :-)

  7. Yes we ate birthday cake at painting this week also, Mrs. Wilson's is today as well. Happy Birthday to All.