Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In a train station

I've been very busy this past week touring with cousins who stopped in on their way back to Canada. We had a whirlwind time in Brugges, Mechelen, and Brussels. One day, on our way to Brugges we were in the train station in Leuven and I thought I heard one of my favourite songs from "The Chorus" being sung. Ever so sweetly, this little group of Choristes were singing "Vois Sur Ton Chemin".

I adored this movie and highly recommend it. If you have not seen it, you must. These are my very own little "Choristes" only too happy to be "Stars" in the Leuven train station. One of those moments.

Sweet little voices and faces too. Click on the image to enjoy their smiles.

Les Choristes - Trailer if you wish to watch

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  1. They are adorable, so glad you're having a great time.