Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's go for a walk!

Mummy, the sun is out in Belgium and I think it would be a good idea to go for a walk, outside, in the stroller, in the sunshine.

This bear outfit is totally necessary for going out of doors in the winter, in Belgium, where it is rarely outside everyone.....catch the sun!

There is nothing quite so good as a stroll in the fresh air on a sunny day in Belgium.

Nothing quite as good as a snooze indoors in the buggy when the walk is over.

Everyone agrees that pink is a girl's best colour

Mummy, I love to hear you singing to me. I'm watching you and Daddy very carefully these days.

This was the song that was playing at this moment. I was thinking how à propos the feeling was.


  1. Baby Zoe just becomes more beautiful every day. Her face is filling out and she is listening to her parents speak.
    A proud grandmother and great grandmother, Nana.

  2. She is just adorable!!! Pink or any color!

  3. Ma Soeur,
    What wonderful images of wee Zoë, awake and responding to her parents and surroundings. She is certainly holding her head up well. An absolutely beautiful infant in what could not be a more loving environment.

  4. Perfect song, perfect baby!

  5. She looks like a Baby Model. She is so sweet and beautiful. I can see that her Mommy and Daddy are totally in love with her. I am sure that you are too.

  6. Your photos of love and admiration shared between baby Zoe and her mommy and daddy are beautiful. How are you ever going to get a scrapbook put together with so many fabulous photos to choose from? That Zoe is just picture perfect...really...what a doll!!! Love the teddy bear outfit.

  7. Well my goodness, is she just not the SWEETEST most adorable baby girl! I think you must pack her up in your suitcase and bring her home with you... So wonderful of you to let us all have a peek and share in your JOY ...

    Miss you..