Monday, March 1, 2010

A day to take pictures

Zoë and her Maman

A tender moment

Sweet little feet

Relaxing in the crib


  1. I don't know how you are ever going to leave. I sure would have a hard time.

  2. She gets cuter by the day. How the time must have flown for you.

  3. Ma Soeur,
    How beautiful...mother and child. One can literally see the changes in wee Zoë as she becomes more observant and responsive. Leslie you are certainly displaying the ability to capture the moment in so many ways.

  4. Oh, such lovely photos. I'm with Irene....I would have a terribly hard time leaving! Speaking of which, we are on our way home. We are in Georgia tonight and I have no idea where we'll be tomorrow night :-)

  5. Beautiful pictures, Leslie! Zoë is changing and growing so much. Capture as many images as you can, in your heart, as well on in your pictures.

  6. Thank God for Skype or you could never leave. Did the phrase 'cute as a button' have any meaning before little Zoë came along??

    However, selfish me....I can't wait for you to return!!


  7. What beautiful photos??? Again I am really not sure how you will ever decide on scrapbook photos??? can just make Zoe Jane a 100 scrapbooks. When she grows up and wonders if mamere went a little overboard? You can explain that she is so beautiful, precious, and perfect that it took 100 scrapbooks to capture her beauty.

  8. You have captured the absolute love brtween a very beautiful mother and baby.