Friday, March 5, 2010

How much.............

After "Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace"..."How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" is one of Zoë's favourite songs (whether her parents will admit it or not:))
On our walk about town, we saw this particular face in the window. Good thing there was a rather substantial pane of glass separating us, because "Winston" (my name for bulldogs who resemble Mr. Churchill) did get a little tired of the photo shoot and tried to explain his indignation by rearing and barking. I guess he is a watch-dog after all, but I won't be having my nails done in this salon any time soon!

The original Patti Page version that, at age 5, I used to sing while posed atop a stuffed hassock in Freddy Birchall's livingroom! I wonder whatever happened to Freddy?

How Much is that Doggie

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  1. I can't shed light on what happened to Freddy Birchall but we do know what happened to YOU! You are still atop hassocks, only now they are ones you made. Welcome back to my time zone sweetheart.