Monday, March 29, 2010

In Response

I was going to leave a comment to Dana's reply on the "Greco" post, but decided, heck, this response merits a post of it's own! Since we are spending this week together reminiscing, laughing and mostly eating, I just had to dig out the old photos and share this bit of nostalgia.

Her reply was regarding our meeting at a party in the home of a fellow graduate student. I'm not sure WHY, we were into their refrigerator, in those days there was a lot of self service, but I do have a vivid memory of the event. Indeed, as Dana notes, they left the tops off all of the "soda" bottles to de-fizz the drinks. Dana quickly wondered aloud "Why don't they just buy KoolAid!? Have you EVER seen???" That had me recognizing a quick wit, that continues to this day, to fell me...every time.

There was another peculiar oddity that in this same household, the wife...[remember now this is the 60's, we're in the middle of the USA, the Vietnam war, and most women are burning their bras and other feminist pursuits] makes lunch for her newlywed husband. Not only does she make lunches, but she also hard-boils eggs, and with a sharpie pen, prints him little egg/love messages. I will never forget the kindred spirit look that needed no words of explanation, as Dana and I spied the egg container. We just knew that we got each other. It should be said that Dana and I, even at this point, can't remember what our spouses ate for lunch, but we do remember many a good time of our own at the King's Court!
Dana always dreamt of being an Indian Princess!

These were the days when I made my own clothes.

The wine bottle on the chalk ledge was in honour of The Professor getting his cast off after a dramatic graduate school ski accident. Then again, it WAS the 60's...who knows !! :)


  1. Do you mean I'm NOT an Indian princess? But you promised...

  2. OMG you guys look like hippies, in nicer clothes.

  3. Ma Soeur,
    I can recall those dark locks, but don't remember the flip up look as much as your pixie cut. Remember the one from the yearbook with the large flower encompassing your cute little fizog? You might show that to Dana if she hasn't seen it.

  4. Such goddesses....BTW, Leslie - Marlo Thomas ("That Girl") called, she wants her hair-do back!!


  5. You look stunning! I may take that picture to my hair dresser and ask her to give me that haircut! You really look like Jane in this one.