Friday, March 12, 2010

On a day like this

On a rainy day such as we are experiencing here today, I was treated to an Art Nouveau architectural tour in Brussels.

This is not something I would have otherwise done on my own, and during the icy cold, sleeting day, I'm sure that the three of us questioned why exactly we were braving the icy sidewalks and pounding onward. We started by waiting in a long lineup for the "Horta House". If you Google Horta Art Nouveau you can see some of the photos from inside the museum. Photography is strictly forbidden inside the house.

After touring the indescribably fabulous Horta House, the intrepid three (let it be said that the two in charge are from Saskatoon, so aside from the icy cold sleet, they were game to ferret out the treasures on a walking tour) carefully, made our way around the area in search of the Art Nouveau treasures of Bruxelles. The following photos are some of the details of these gems of buildings.

I cannot thank Sharon and Dennis enough for their knowledge, expertise, and fortitude in this extraordinary experience. As I said earlier, it is not something that I was even aware of and certainly enjoyed my education in Art Nouveau that day. Photography is wonderful under the leaden skies, if you can bare your fingers long enough, February is a good time to visit! :)


  1. It sounds exciting, and that's what one needs when it's gloomy out doors. Love your shots.

  2. How lucky to have such a knowledgeable guide ... although you're a braver woman than I would have been in the same situaion. Icy sidewalks and I do not get along! Wonderful photos from that slipperly expedition though!!

  3. I seem to not be able to type.....
    slippery (although I kind of like slipperly, to be honest)
    This keyboard is driving me crazy and has been for weeks now!