Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A sunny walk in Belgium

It is a rare day indeed when the sun shines in Brussels in the months of January or February. When it does, the populace emerge as one and take to the many dazzling walks. This was Zoë's first walk to see the ducks. She slept through the entire thing. Babies do that in the fresh air, especially when carried by Daddy in the 'Baby Bjorn'. It was clear but still February. The air and the earth are chill.

I'm loving the new lens that Zoë presented me with. It's a lens that Uncle Gordon was all excited about and gives a wonderful close-up with a nice blur or Bokeh to the background. I'm still needing to learn more about setting manual settings, but love the idea that I can shoot in low light and take pictures of baby with her eyes open and no flash.

Still lots of fur in fashion in Europe, and despite the sunny appearance, it's still chilly enough to be sporting the woolies!

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