Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Current Book

This is a really good book that Dana recommended to me and I now recommend to you. I hate when I finish a really good read and then have nothing that I'm crazy about. I'm trying "The Women" and realizing what a wag Frank Lloyd Wright was...any recommendations out there??

I actually got this book as an audio book while I was in Belgium and I have been "listening" to it on my iPhone. I have to say that I love the accents of all the various southern women. I do hope this becomes a movie.


  1. Vyllorya is from MS - she has been listening to this in her car, and I've heard a large section while riding around with her. Those ladies in the League are something else!


  2. Sorry, still struggling with "Stopover in Venice".

  3. I love a good coming of age story especially when it's not about teenagers.

  4. I have been looking at this. I am reading "the girl with the dragon tattoo". It is excellent.