Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Duck song

This is a song for Zoë when she goes for a walk to "The Ducks"!

I love the little baby voice in this rendition.

I'm not sure that I ever understood that the ducks had to come home due to a thunder storm, but living in Belgium, this may be entirely applicable. When the baby says "Duck" at the end of the song, I melt. Isn't children's music wonderful!!!


  1. Ma Soeur,
    How adorable and one of my favourites.
    Now you knew you couldn't mention the topic of ducks and children's music without me reminding you to start practising "When Ducks Get Up In the Morning" for little Zoë! (High Road of Song again)

  2. My kids love this song, of coarse they wanted to have ducks in the pond, which hadn't been built yet. What a special time this is for you.

  3. Perfect weather today for the duck song!

  4. Perfect weather today for the duck song!

  5. I remember our 3 kids singing this exact song in pre-school. Brings back so many wonderful memories!!!