Thursday, April 22, 2010


On our walk this morning, the local middle school children were scouring the surrounding woods with plastic bags picking up, what ostensibly was their own garbage. The city official overlooking the project was kind enough to give our walking group some latex gloves to use while on our tour, much farther afield. It was indeed a beautiful morning to celebrate the EARTH and this day, we took a bit more time to observe and pick up debris along our path.

Erin Mills is now slightly cleaner along the walking paths that we are so lucky to be able to enjoy. When we reached the tunnel by the local high school, the "smoking boys" were out and watched in silence as three women stooped to pick up their butts, cigarette boxes, juice tins etc. etc. They said nothing. Neither did we. Let's hope this was a "setting an example" moment.


  1. Good show. It's a beautiful earth day.. I'm planting a tree and we're collecting old electronics for proper recycling. I sure have a bunch!!

  2. and you got some great shots too.

  3. I took Logan out to collect some trash in the greenbelt behind us - but when we found a snake the whole thing was over! He scampered for home protesting all the way while I quickly grabbed whatever I could.