Saturday, April 10, 2010

EB's surprise

Once again Canada Post delayed a very important date!

Dana spent Easter with us and her partner, now forever know as, "Judy from Virginia", sent us a BIG surprise, which due to the aforementioned Canada Post, arrived but yesterday.

There are some good and bad advantages to this delay. The outrage at mail delivery in this country is something I should pursue more actively, but not having to share the proceeds sort of takes the sting out of the tardiness :)

The "EB" even decorated the outside of the delivery box.

I have a suspicion that Canada Post employees kept this happy container behind just to cheer themselves up. Not many parcels are so beautifully adorned on the outside. If they'd taken 5 minutes to admire the price it took to send this box priority post, they'd realize that someone might just complain about their work ethic!

"Auntie Judy" is one of those people who remember that you "need" old jewelry boxes to make vintage memory boxes, as once seen in a Stampington Issue.

I'm usually pretty clever about things like this, but even I would not have thought of the perfect fit of these chocolates in this box of gold!!! Talk about re-purposing!

You may be thinking, as I did upon first inspection, that this was a really neat Easter surprise....but wait..............

Here is a sneak peak of a SECOND jewel box. Even the lining is fabulous

This is a two tier box with THE MOST GENEROUS collection of bunnies and Lindt truffles that you can imagine!

Well, someone had to take the first taste test! Only one space empty, and that was only for the duration of the photo op.

These bunnies are on the run as the sun sets. I think they know what's coming.

I'm so sorry (well, as sorry as I get about sharing chocolate) that Dana wasn't here to receive the parcel.

It's such an exciting thing to have the doorbell ring and have the Canada Post driver yell "LESLIE JANE!!!" [That's what she does because we share a certain zany sense of humour and she's here often]. It always makes me smile to get something in the mail. In this regard, I should be better about sending things to others.

Many thanks to 'Auntie Judy' from Virginia for sending this extra special parcel. I will try very hard to do justice to both the contents and the containers! Quite a project I'd say.

All photos are done with my iPhone, various camera types, films, apps...Lennie made me do it!


  1. Boy what a good Easter bunny Auntie Judy is.

  2. I IMMEDIATELY noticed the fab iPhone photos ..... when that can distract me from chocolate, well. What can I say?
    Looks yummy ... hope you and the professor had a proper sugar fix!!

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  4. Oh Les!! She did do a good job and I am so happy it finally arrived. Thank you for the pictures. I love the look of that ap. Well done sweetheart.

  5. That Auntie Judie - what a clever thing is she! So very talented, and what an original way to repurpose a jewelry box. Even the packaging was a burst of Spring, well-done, indeed!