Monday, April 19, 2010

From the Memory box

While I was rummaging around looking for lace trims and rick rack for my apron project, I came across the box labeled "Smocking". It's contents brought back a rush of memories.

When Jane was very little I took an "Old English Smocking" course at Quilts and Other Comforts, which was located on Avenue Road, not far from where we lived at the time. Now that Zoë is here, my interest is renewed and I am looking into taking a refresher course in this wonderful needle art.

The picture is of my Dad who made this little table. We were home from Switzerland for Jane's first birthday. Zoë will be here around the time of her first birthday, and we still have the little wooden table, as well as the footstool I made. I hope I can get my sewing skills up to par to complete the dress. At the rate she is progressing these days, I'm sure Zoë will be climbing just like her mother!


  1. Ma Soeur,
    I believe that we both got into smocking around the same time. Lori's first smocked dress at around that age was yellow. Later the girls had a couple of identical dresses. Those were the best of times and I still have Lori's dresses. Getting back to smocking sounds like a wonderful plan.

  2. Love the photo; so charming!

    Can't wait to see what you smock :-)

    My word verification is "supenac" and I'm sure your smocking will indeed be SUPER!

  3. Lesley Jane looked adorable in those little smocked do's' when Jane outgrew them. The picture is a great little find. Jane looks so much like you in this picture...or Gord with curls...anyway great shot and neat find.

  4. What a great nice to think that little Zoë will be able to enjoy her great-Grandfather's handiwork one day. Good luck with that smocking, I remember us chatting about that many moons ago!