Saturday, April 17, 2010

Striking a pose

I recently moved an acorn birdhouse that I painted some time ago, to the back garden where I could observe any occupants that might take up residence. Today was the day!

The photos are blurry due to the wind that was winging the branches and determined birdie practically in circles.

Luckily, this little nester was bent on succeeding, so I managed to run for the camera and get a few shots off through the kitchen window.

It was so adorable. To think that this bird found this look-alike amazing! Made to measure.

Can't wait to see what happens next!


  1. Is it a chickadee? He/she is adorable. I hope this is a permanent guest!

    Oddly, my word verification is squabla; a singing squab? I do know your bird is NOT squab :-)

  2. They match! That is such great luck!

  3. Stunning little house and it looks like a black-capped chickadee. This according to the National Geographic's Handheld Birds on my ipod. Can't have too many apps.

  4. I forgot to mention that you must have mighty clean windows to capture the view so perfectly. No looking between drops.
    My favourite flavour for all day coffee is Timothy's Colombia la Vereda. I used this when grinding beans. It has a lovely nutty flavour. My second choice would be Kenya AA but I've yet to find it in a k-cup. I think I may have ordered it from one of the American companies selling through Single Cup but who can remember the 7 boxes I bought...

  5. It is indeed a chickadee.

    Now I have to get that National Geographic App...thanks Sharon, what a find! I think someday we shall have to form an "iPhone-Keurig Club" and get all caught up on our faves:)

  6. These pictures are wonderful and should be in some special pub...too precious to not be seen by everyone. What a wonderful occurrence. Don't you just wonder if the little birds can think? Maybe they are researching their own lost relatives.

  7. Ma Soeur,
    Now you need to obtain a copy of "That Chickadee Feeling" by Frank Glew. (A good story to enjoy with Zoë in your back yard some time in the future, possibly with a wee chickadee in attendance as well.)

  8. Charming in the it, what a coincidence! Or, maybe not? Your artistic skills are superb, Leslie...and those little chickadees have found swell digs.


  9. Love your little house, and your new friends. You are indeed a great painter.

  10. Totally love the pictures and the beautiful bird house. So perfect in the garden!