Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today is Jane's day

My beautiful girls. Happy Birthday to Maman Jane Alexandra, seen here with Zoë Jane.

Notice how Jane is engaged with the camera and Zoë almost has that cyclamen in her little fingers!

Mamère is happy to see the sun hat on! This was an outing to the Keukenhof gardens in Holland. Zoë's first trip outside of Belgium. The world travel begins!

By all accounts it was a great day to celebrate Mummy and Daddy's birthdays in April. Zoë says "Do we get cake??"


  1. Happy Birthday to all. She is so adorable (both mom and baby)

  2. Ma Soeur,
    What beautiful girls indeed. The photos are wonderful. Happy Birthday Jane and best wishes to Daddy as well. It is great to see Zoë enjoying spring in a neighbouring country.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE! You two look so wonderful :-)

  4. You do have two very beautiful girls. Happy Birthday Jane and to Michael too.

  5. Cyclamen? Is that what that flower is? The tricky thing about being a baby is that everything is brand new... so while the array of flowers is fascinating, so is the sidewalk. And for the record, she had her sunhat on ALL DAY, we only took it off for some of the pictures so that she wouldn't have a shadow on her face (she also was wearing SPF 50 baby sunscreen, with re-application every 2 hours).