Saturday, April 10, 2010


When we were "Skyping" this morning, Jane and Zoë were in the middle of making this video.

Hot off the press.

3 months old and Mama has just had to return to work. I think Belgium needs to review it's maternity leave benefits! Little girl is now going through the "lose your hair" part of babyhood. That's when you bring out the hats, or pretend that you really are a Mohawk Indian Princess.

All thanks to Jane and Zoë who are enjoying the weekend together. After holding the fort all week, Daddy gets to go to work and RELAX!


  1. She's also in the "put your toys in your mouth" part of babyhood - too cute!

  2. Ma soeur,
    I remember all of these stages and the excitement associated with each new development. This little doll is advancing so quickly. Jane and Zoë did an amazing job! I do agree with your point regarding maternity leave benefits.

  3. We love the music we love the pictures we love the baby we love the cuteness, we love the mama we love the toys, we love the color and we are just grinning from ear to ear!!!! That is SO adorable.

    love, Auntie Dana and Auntie Judy

  4. So cute! A star in the making!

  5. What a fabulous video. I'm sure it's better than Avatar (not that I've seen it)and Zoe is just the most gorgeous child of all time!
    Quick. Give me a chocolate from your stash....

  6. I think I just discovered the PERFECT music video here! Adorable doesn't even begin to describe this....

  7. I am so excited to see American Girl it Itty Bitty Baby? I recently found Luke's (now an adult at 18 years old)favorite childhood book about Blaze The Horse. With "Blaze" began the "cowboy" stage at three years old. Luke wore little red cowboy boots, with little jean shorts, a straw cowboy hat line in red, and a plastic toy horse in hand (every single day for months). Not to mention the stage included reading the SAME book to him over and over the morning during read time, before nap time, and of course at bedtime...for months. Fun fun fun treasure every babyhood moment.