Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two new finds

The apron from the re-purposed Professor's shirt is finished. Ever since my nieces got me hepped up about making aprons I've been delving into "Apronology" and lusting after various designs. This one seemed like a great idea as almost all of the essentials were right here. Fabricland had a sale on trims, so it became an even more attractive project. The dining room table has been given over to sewing bits and bobs and it really is true that if you leave your machine up and see it there, you work along happily a little bit each day. Strange, that never seems to work when I leave the vacuum cleaner in plain sight :)

You may be wondering about the bizarre photo image. While waiting for birds yesterday I was playing with the settings on my Lumix purse camera and found a pinhole application. I rarely use any of the special settings, but I will do so now. I'd say this post is killing two birds with one stone, but the chickadees are a little sensitive at the moment.


  1. Ma soeur,
    What a clever design for an apron, and a wonderful way to reuse an old shirt. It makes me wonder about sewing again.

  2. What a cool idea! I think I may just "borrow" it. Thanks.

  3. A nifty apron...and such a moody photo. Light and shadows, somehow this shot belongs in a Hitchcock thriller.


  4. I love David's comment, it does look a little mysterious.

  5. How cool to have a pinhole option on your camera! I thought it was an iPhone photo :-)

    Love the apron. I must dig out my Kenmore (sewing machine, NOT vacuum....).

  6. Can't see the picture at school...don't know why... but it looked great on Skype yesterday! Are you making me cookies?