Sunday, May 16, 2010

A different view of the world

A while back I was perusing my AGO glossy pamphlet of upcoming events and noticed a small dark piece on "A World Abandoned". Upon further inspection, it turned out to be a piece on the DK Photo Group. Having been alerted by Lennie to a very special t.v. show, something was setting off alarms. The show "Photo Xplorers" is one that I really looked forward to, but there were only a few episodes.

The concept is a really radical one. These 5 guys, accompanied by a camera crew of 2 others, go into (I won't say break into...but that's in all reality part of the charm of the show) old abandoned buildings of architectural, historical, or just plain curious interest. Quite a few of their findings were in Belgium....hence my ears are perked. It's about abandoned buildings and urban some cases it looks as though people just walked away from these vast institutions one day and never came back! I think it appeals to the snoop in me. Who knew that these are LOCAL guys, that's always exciting.

Lennie and I attended the Saturday Art Speak "A World Abandoned" at the AGO Art Rental + Sales Gallery to hear all about their adventures and photography process.

The show was carried on Bravo and I hope that with a little urging, they will get enough funding to continue this venture. The world is their oyster so to speak. My thought is that no one would ever know of these places were it not for these intrepids and their view through the lens.


  1. I have to email this link to David right away. He visited an abandoned mental hospital in West Virginia a couple of summer ago and was captivated by all the memories that seemed to be lurking there.

  2. I'm SO glad you blogged about this! I certainly would LOVE to see more episodes or even get the opportunity to watch them again.

    My word verification is DRUNCEN. Hmmmmm. Things to come? :-)