Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just tooting my own horn.............

Over the past few days there has been a remarkable lack of appreciation for "The Driver". I have hinted and hinted that it might be nice if SOMEONE were to mention on their blogs what a stellar job I did getting us from Mississauga, Ontario CANADA to Hampton, Virginia USA. I mean, WE'RE AT THE SEA!!!!

This is definitely my theme song. Each evening the manager has a reception where the guests get a free drink. Since I'm not driving in the evening, we have the strongest drink they's free.


  1. You are a Superior Driver INDEED!. You know I always say that. I just thought you might get tired of hearing about it. I'm not connected in this hotel, but I'll try to blog your Wonderfulness tonight. I'm sure my husban would prefer that you didn't drive as well and as far, I would be at home tending to his every need. Yea LESLIE!!!!!!

  2. you toot girl!!!
    and your theme song should be
    "born to be wild" by

  3. You KNOW I said I'd spell you anytime you needed a break, but you handled the highway so well you NEVER needed a respite :-)

  4. After spending 2 months driving around Brussels in the rain and the dark, Mississauga -> Virginia should be a piece of cake!

  5. I was in the front seat and never felt a bump. You recovery after the slight dip into the toll booth was awesome indeed. The fact that the Indian lady was able to open her car door remarkable and her family was happy to have her home. The joy that Ben and I are back in the front after the swerve that opened the door and nearly lost us is totally due to your expert driving.

    Life is good....from blue Camero through to now is pure art!! My black cherry wish-ni-ac didn't even spill on my book for the blink OR pillow.

  6. Did anyone mention that it's *my* car that you're driving?

    Just asking ...

  7. Well, then...drink up!!!


  8. Dear Professor,

    If there ever was ANY doubt about what sort of car you drive it has all been decided now. The van is such a luxury ride. Hope you are enjoying the perk of having my Sirius radio en route to the GO station! Nice trade. Thanks.

  9. Ma soeur,
    Glad to hear you got your crew safely to their destination. I can just imagine the music, laughs, and conversation. Have a wonderful time and a fun-filled and safe return trip.