Monday, May 10, 2010

She loves rock and ROLL

As Jane mentioned in her response to my last post, she had also done a video of baby's first Mother's Day. There are a couple of things about this video. The first of course is darling Zoë, dressed in her Mommy's little girl shirt, doing her roll - after trying to single mouthedly demolish the flower on Monkey Island. Secondly, the sidebar has many other Zoe's who's Mummies have filmed them doing the same thing and the majority are on these mats!

I love the way Zoë recuperates from the flip and starts going for the next thing within her short arm's reach. She's very busy these days with flailing arms and can really grab and BITE things.

This is one of my favourite pictures of all time! I'm going to get this one blown up. Can you imagine seeing your own toes for the first time EVER!????


  1. I still like it when I can see my toes!

  2. To be fair, some of the Zoës in the sidebar who are rolling over are actually dogs, but their rolls are way less impressive.

  3. Ma Soeur,
    I believe Zoë is already working on her counting skills. How adorable.

  4. Belated "Happy Mother's Day". I have been having trouble with my computer lately. The pictures of Zoe are incredible. She is an incredibly adorable baby.