Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where does it go?

The concept of time. Over the past few days, any of you who may have spoken to me will realize that I am overwhelmed by a lack of time. Where does time go these days?

(Photo: Time well spent in Chicago)

It used to be that I could get up in the morning, run to the grocery store with two little kids in tow, order a carpet cleaner, clean said broadloom while locking said kids in the backyard, and still have time to whip out the floor mats and give the car a little freshen up before returning the rental machine.

It certainly helps that I eventually removed all the carpets and now only have the ghastly "area" rugs to maintain, but that was a decorating decision more than a work avoidance gesture.

When recently asked "What do you DO all day??" I gently closed my gaping mouth to the audacity of the question and then proceeded to ream off the list. When said out loud, it turns out I do a fair bit, it just seems to take a lot longer and never ends up being as thorough.

Perhaps it's all about expectations. This is really my life mantra...that life and it's realities ARE all about expectations. I expect that when I set an hour aside to clean the main floor of the house, that indeed, in an hour, the task will be done. The reality is that within that hour there may be three or four phone calls, a few knocks on the door from local kiddies or a mail delivery, someone Skypes in via the internet or I spy out of the corner of my little eye something in the garden that needs to be tied up NOW. One hour later, and ............well you get the picture.

It has been suggested that when I work I pull out the phone. Can't do it, I have two kids living in Vancouver and Europe and many family and friends who are only connected to me via long distance telephone. Another suggestion is to make one hour and one hour only for those specific kinds of time-outs.

There doesn't seem to be a perfect way out of this dilemma. I was pretending that the cleaning lady was coming today and I was to be all ready for her. My friends have a cleaning lady named "Beatrice". I love that name and so when I clean my own digs, I call myself "Beatrice".

"B" will be mighty upset with me if I don't have things in order for her to start in half an hour. She can start the upstairs while I finish off the tidying of the main floor today.

I wonder if Beatrice could make the Professor a cake for his birthday today?

I wish I knew how to be an efficiency expert, or at best get my expectations in better line!


  1. Dear Bea,

    Knowing how busy you are (busy bee?), the NEXT time someone asks that question, feel free to do nothing more than stare them down, and simply change the subject. If pulls this stunt over the phone, a period of silence will do.


  2. I am in stitches because my word verification is "runnap". Quick! Run and have a nap!

    I recognize your dilemma and live it myself. But it is not just the hours that fly by for me, but the days and the weeks. Events that were "later" are suddenly "now" and I don't know where that time went. Sigh.

  3. IS this the same gal who I laugh my brains out with,at fitness and tim's??come on...who care about the cleaning? you are the most awesome,wordly,well-rounded,and well-read read,talented,smart,funny beautiful person that I have the pleasure of spending time with....don't get like me,and worry about the dust are awesome....your friend,linda we have mini fitness strokes yesterday???? ha,ha,ha

    my verification word was copering...perhaps coping??

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  5. My word is sounds like clearing a drain. As a matter of fact I think I saw some kledge go down there earlier.

    Ok time. Remember time is just a thought invention meant to help us organize and keep appointments. I say we put the concept aside when we are on our own. Clocks exist in nursery schools, nursing homes and vacation spots, but who looks??

  6. I hear you sister. I've taken a year off cleaning my house, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I do need to go to the garden and tie up a few things though.

  7. My word verification is "uncell" which certainly starts you thinking, doesn't it? I've found that when the pressure of busy-ness builds up, it generally reaches a crisis point and something has got to give ...the decision is made for you (sometimes it's a surprise too). That said, I do think this time of year is always stressful. I take time to pray and meditate morning and evening. It doesn't always make my day go well, but I do feel better while I'm doing it!