Friday, June 25, 2010

The advantages of the long drive

For the past three weeks, I have been taking an Old English Smocking course in Newmarket. The drive takes an hour plus, depending on traffic and entails numerous 400 highways. By the time I reach the northernmost point, I turn the corner and see this scene. It is THE most tranquil of settings. I've watched over the weeks as a few new heads have emerged! Oh summer. Oh baby horses!


  1. Hello Leslie
    Hopefully when you finish your course you will have Irenka sew dresses and you will smock them. I would love to find out about anyone who sells smocked dresses so I could have my two granddaughter dressed alike for Christmas. If you hear of anyone, please let me know. Thank you.

    Alice (Irenka's sister)

  2. Hey Alice ~
    I will have my hands full just completing a dress for Zoë. The inspiration for this class was an adorable dress that Jane had on her first birthday, which I gave away and of course I now wish I had kept. Luckily the course does continue on to smocking and constructing the dresses. You should take up this wonderful needlework! Retire!!! :)

  3. I am somewhat jealous that you get that drive every week. I love country drives! I also love the photos and can't wait to see photos of your smocked creations!

  4. Leslie you weren't far from where I was at Karen's. She is in lovely Port Perry.