Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Childhood memories

Yesterday as I was zipping around getting last minute things attended to, I ended up in the hair salon. Just prior to closing my eyes in homage to Willow, I witnessed yet another event in a little girl's life that brought back a flood of memories. One of the young stylists was giving her little one a perm. There was much discussion over this decision, but the toothless six year old was holding her ground and the rods were rolled. It reminded me, that in "my era" the big thing was a "Toni" Home Perm. I had, as I still do, poker straight hair, and in 'those days' everyone wanted to look like Shirley Temple, so we all got Mum administered home perms. This is usually a girl's first whiff of ammonia and the rigors of the "beauty?" treatments that chase us through life.

This picture was taken at Thomas photography studio in Ottawa. The hair was a fresh "Tonette" (not sure about the bangs) and the dress was smocked by Mrs. Higginson, my friend's grandmother. See how things go and come around again?


  1. Ma Soeur,
    Sorry, but over on Evered, "Toni" was frowned upon...made the hair too frizzy according to Mildred! Richard Hudnut was the brand of choice. I wonder if the frizzy "Toni" result had anything to do with the fact that I already had a natural curl to my hair and really did not require a perm at all. It was the thing to do however! I remember a teacher suggesting I not get a perm, when I proudly announced that I would soon be sporting a new "do". As it was my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ivy, my all time favourite, I believe I heeded her advice, and waited a little...but not long.

  2. Yes, I remember my mother giving me a Tonette, as well. Look at your sweet face!! Aww.

    (glad you closed your eyes and relished a bit)

  3. While I never actually had a Toni, I do remember them very well.
    Please don't hate me, but I had (....have still, truth be told....) the Shirley Temple ringlets naturally. My hair was my grandmother's pride-and-joy, she being such a huge S.T. fan.

    Your photograph is absolutely priceless, btw. Charming and sweet and much, much more. It causes an aching rush of nostalgia for the past :-)

  4. What a doll, cute beyond words! Wonder what this cunning little charmer was possibly thinking when this portrait was made?


  5. David, you have to know that I was likely appropriately bribed with a Double Dip chocolate ice cream cone in return for a stellar performance at the photographers. Chocolate has always worked for that face!