Sunday, June 6, 2010

The GO bicycle

Yesterday it took The Professor and me over an hour to get downtown on the Gardner. There was a Jays/Yankees game at the Dome. Every other license plate was from New York. It was very frustrating and today, we vowed to take the GO train. Not only was the Gardner closed due to the Becel Bike for Heart, but there was also another ball game.

As promised we took the GO train. Half of New York state had also decided that GO is the better way, and the trains were packed. GOOD!!! I know I should do this more often and I plan to. I love walking downtown and can be just as much a tourist in The Big Smoke as anywhere else. Love this sign. Now The Prof. wants an iPhone!
The Jay's won yesterday, the Yankee's won today, and the trains were full.


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  2. My subway train was packed too! Some yahoo with a giant voice was leading the car in "OK-ok-Blue Jays-blue jays - LET'S PLAY BALL. From Union to Sheppard. Too many decibels for my ears. But cute.

  3. So how long did it take you to get there on the Go? Not that much shorter eh!

  4. On Saturday we drove downtown. It took me one hour and 40 minutes to get from my front door to my office. This includes the time it took to find a parking space.

    On Sunday we took the train and walked from Union station to The Opera House. I was in my office one hour and twenty minutes after leaving the house.

    On a typical day during rush hour, the train is about the same amount of time as driving and it's a lot more relaxing.

  5. And the answer still is NO you cannot get an iPhone and take wonderful pictures of urban things....Chapters, Chapters, Chapters are due!

  6. I do get a lot of reading done on the train, I guess I couldn't drive and read.