Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I felt the earth move!

On my way to Costco and the car starts to really rock and roll at the stop sign. It was really scary. I arrived in the Costco parking lot, called the car dealer to see if it was safe to drive the car...what could this possibly be...just two weeks after my first year tune up?? Car would not repeat the behaviour despite a bit of careering in the lot and quick stops and starts, tires looked okay. I was told to bring it in immediately if it occurred again. I get home to find out we've had an EARTHQUAKE! I felt the earth move under my car! Most unsettling, but I'm glad the car is fine - so are we all.


  1. Yup, my house shook for at least 20 seconds! We survived the 2010 Earthquake! We should make up shirts......

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    I'm a doll? I'm a dill?)

  2. Well, I was watching the last minute of the US/Algeria game and I bet the final score was at the same time as the quake because non of us felt it!! haha

  3. Yikes! Glad you're okay! Scary stuff.

  4. So that's what happened to my nice straight painting line.

  5. I thought Alex,for no apparent reason(hes 24) was jumping on his bed. I was standing in the kitchen to the sound of all my china rattling in the cupboard,which i might add was shaking slightly too. "STOP THE JUMPING UP THERE" He came running down the stairs,''Mom that wasn't me...and it shook my bed"At which point the tvs, computors, itouches, ipods, and any other electrical device we could gather information from was telling us about the 5.5 experience we just had.That was at 1:41pm.........12:05AM.. I just checked ,,,the cupboard still hanging on the wall ..whewwwww

    Glad the cars ok,:)

  6. Great idea.
    I was having a business lunch with a couple of Aussies at Darcy McGee's....
    Aussie: Do you have an underground here in Ottawa?
    Me: No, but we are on a fault line... I think this is an earthquake.
    Other Aussie: Well, it's a good thing I hung on to my drink then.
    Only issue for me, was I was late getting back to work and tried calling and the cellphone lines were jammed. Once I got back to work, they sent everyone home.
    Loyal public servant that I am, I stayed for a bit and then headed home.