Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Intimate Evening

I had never been to the Enwave Theatre at Queen's Quay until last night. We attended what for all intents and purposes could have been a Parisian nightclub.
This song is for Zoë.

The space at the Enwave is intimate, the sound was wonderful, the concert totally exceeded my expectations. This is a remarkable young woman who has it all. She's come through some adversity Melody Wikipedia and I think is someone to watch! She's so MELLOW!

and another song I love

In case there is anyone left out there that has not seen An Education Melody also sings Your Heart is as Black as Night


  1. What a talent...would love to hear her perform live. "Baby, I'm a Fool," - why not relax and bubble your troubles away, such good clean fun. May we please take this moment to remember the birthday today of another talent, the one, the only....Judy Garland!


  2. A remarkable talent with such a sad setback. But she's making beautiful music now and I've come to know some of her work on JAZZ FM.