Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Old but worth it

Most mornings my inbox is piled with mail. Today there were only two messages and this was one of them. For some reason, probably the song, I found this really touching. Despite having seen this done for years and many other versions, this one seemed especially poignant.

Is it the situation we find our world in these days? There are so many out there who just may need a hug...it worked in Sondrio, Italy. I had a tear when the one woman joyously danced away after her hug. I'm not sure if I would have taken the time or had the inclination to hug a total stranger like this, I'd like to think I would now.

Hugs everyone.


  1. Free Hugs in my class today!!!

  2. So delightful - thanks! See the Ezine article, "The Theraputic Value of a Hug." Dr. Ashley Montague: "When we open our hearts and arms to others, we inspire them to do likewise."