Sunday, June 20, 2010

The strangest sights

Today we ventured downtown using the GO train again. We decided to walk to the 4 Seasons where I was attending the ballet. The Professor was going into work. He will not be going in to work much this coming week and by the end of the week the University is closed. It's very eerie downtown. It's fortified. It's odd.

You emerge from Union Station and are met with a wall of metal.

The view from the Royal York.

Bike patrol.

Fountain outside the barriers.

University Avenue is closed.

Police everywhere.

You may never see Front Street like this again.

These guys could care less!


  1. FABulous photography! I hope the ballet was wonderful :-)

  2. I hope that we never see Front Street or anywhere else looking like that. It's quite awful isn't it.

  3. ...and you are now on a government watchlist due to your "suspicious use of a camera"

  4. We actually thought of that, but there were many others doing the same thing and the police seemed more intent on surfacing in groups all over the place in 10 minute intervals. They'd pop up out of subways and scoot around the corner in a's just the strangest feeling. I guess I looked innocuous enough. Although not sure about your Father! That big bag???? :)

  5. I love your comment Jane. The image is just too funny. It reminds me of all of us back in Princeton fresh from the anti-war days. No one would have ever have believed us innocent of anything...we all had that Look.