Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Waltz that wasn't

Sunday, after braving our way through the fortified streets I made it to the ballet. Onegin was absolutely gorgeous. I'm really impressed with the National Ballet this year. The programs have been varied, the sets amazing and the music just perfect. The only thing I was disappointed in was not hearing this waltz. It's my favourite, but the new Cranko interpretation leaves it out.

At the first intermission, I flew up the stairs to find Sharon in order to share my enthusiasm. They never did play this one Sharon, you must have been wondering what I was on about! Click on the picture (which has been colour popped and framed) to read the explanation of what we were all on our feet shouting and thundering our applause for. Honour, Love, Passion....what better for a Sunday afternoon!

Credits: Sun Life Ad.


  1. You've been very busy, delightfully so...

  2. I am nutty for Onegin in all it's forms!! I would love to see the opera version, too. Have you seen the movie with Ralph Fiennes and Toby Stephens?

  3. Hi Willow,

    Thanks again, I have NOT seen the movie, but I will now! I also love Ralph Fiennes, but not quite as much as Johnny Depp:) I've been looking for a great movie, I will look forward to this. Have you seen "The Last Station". Think you'd enjoy that one too. Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren.

  4. Your pictures, by the way, are terrific. It depresses me as I continue to make no progress. Well, I did 1 sepia but that's not enough. I found the videos.
    I know this waltz so well and, for the life of me, why was it left out. A stupid decision.