Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Curious Calamity on the Carousel

It would seem that the problem on the carousel by the park was prompted by the lion getting a little too frisky and biting the Sparkle horse.

The Sparkle horse was very, very embarassed and complained loudly to anyone who would listen.

The ever elegant giraffe was equally annoyed, but only quietly disagreed with the symbol of Lyon's actions.

The monkeys, being the idiots that they are, thought the entire thing was totally hilarious and decided to start in on the biting game themselves!

Next the tigers joined in and there was a whirling, open mouthed chase going faster and faster, round and round.

By now, the gentle giraffes are totally perplexed, oh what to do? What to DO?

The lion who started the entire uproar has now concealed his identity and is gaining on the other horses with whom he seems to have some issue.

The giraffes glibly step in front to block the Lions charge, and help save the horses.

The giraffes are going to try and ignore the whole thing.

But the lion comes back in a NEW disguise!

Who does he think he is? The KING of the carousel???


  1. What a great way to start my day! Love the tale, love the pix....bravo :-)

    (What kind of word verification is liers? Hmmmm. Will keep my eyes open today.........)

  2. This year Zoe gets to delight in the tale of the Carousel...next year she gets to ride the Carousel...maybe she will tame the the lion or maybe she will play with the mischievous monkey's...what fun she will have?

  3. Could this be your first little children's book?

  4. I agree with Marcia, I've been waiting for publication of the room book you had intended to write. But this one is already done. We can hand bind them.

  5. So the question is ...when is your children's book coming out. (I love the story).

  6. Well I say LOOKOUT>
    JK Rowling
    Dr Seuss
    CC lewis
    Judy Bloom
    Butt butttt who will play her in the movie???

  7. Oh, I want to ride the gentle giraffe! Or the sparkle horse. But keep those freakin scary monkeys away from me. Yikes. I would buy this book, for sure!