Friday, July 30, 2010

Wondering where they're going..........

I love it when I come across new information while investigating something quite different. I have to say that the last two artists I have profiled are new to me and totally exciting. I think a trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in order.

Cecilia Beaux (American, 1855-1942) ERNESTA (Child with Nurse) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cecilia Beaux

I have always been drawn to the portraiture of women and children. Perhaps becoming a grandmother has heightened my interest, but what can be lovelier than this little girl? Her nurse has her firmly in hand and that enviable clothing....I wonder where they are, or where they are going?


  1. I smell a ROAD TRIP!!! Count me in :-)

  2. Such lovely paintings...thought of you recently while visiting Natl. Gallery of Art, saw works by Mary Cassatt, and Renoir's "Girl w/a Watering Can." My sister had that reproduction in her room when she was a kid...such charming, gentle images.


  3. Hi David,
    So glad to see your comment. I miss you. Can't wait for another opportunity to do those galleries in DC with you, my dear gentle friend.

  4. Thanks for the link Leslie. I Ioved Cecelia's work. I'd never heard of her before and was excited to meet a new artist. It seems the older I get, the less I know and there's something so stimulating about that.