Friday, July 16, 2010

In search of elusive birds....jumparoo

The little family said they would never have a house that was given over to all things baby. Observe the background beyond the "Jumparoo"....see the orange mega stroller that can climb mountains, and the newly acquired collapsible high chair? That's just the shot from this angle...add in monkey island, a bumbo chair, boxes of educational toys and two get the picture:)

This is an extraordinary piece of equipment. The seat swivels in order to reach all the different activities.

No matter how hard you plot to try and reach the birds that dangle from the top, it's just not possible until you get a little older, a little taller and can really set this thing flying!

Discouraging even for the most intrepid of babies

Sophie can fix most dilemmas.

You can tell her anything.

Sometimes she's the only one who listens.

Sophie says it won't be long before we can reach the stars!...let alone those dumb birds :)

Zoë's Jumping Monkey Song


  1. I love that jumparoo! I want one too -- do they make an exercise model for adults? :-)

  2. Very cute and funny re: amount of baby land stuff!! Are you implying that having a baby impacts life? What a concept!