Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Search of a Prince

After our wonderful trip to Veuve Clicquot and Reims Cathedral, we veered (literally-one of those last minute turns, Jane was driving and there was a median involved!) into the town of Bouillon.

These people were ready for something to eat (and drink - after our recent off-road experience) especially the littlest one, which explains the veering mother at the wheel!

The town clock was saying 7:08 p.m.

Oh My Word!

Zoë! Look at the duck boats!

This looks like a perfect place for a little girl.

It's taking some people so looooooooong to eat their dinner, and the time is marching on, so how about Mamère and Zoë go looking around this Duchy while they finish up.

The walkway WAY up there looks a little bit scary for a very small girl. It is a huge castle. I wonder if there is a Prince who lives here?

It's getting pretty late, so we'll have to hurry through town if we are going to find The Prince before dark.

Ah there be dragons too! They probably protect The Prince.

Not only has no one come after us to see what we're up to, but it's past any good little girl's bedtime by now n'est pas?

This has got to be where The Prince lives, but it's SO big and SO old, I wonder if there's a smaller more romantic little palace nearby?

These must be the Royal Swans! This would be quite a deliciously fun realm to rule wouldn't it?!

The Castle clock says it's past nine. All little girls should be rushing home to bed.

WAIT! What's that around the bend? Why it's a little castle! I'll bet that's the Princess' castle! Look at the sweet little turret. One could easily climb up there and fall fast asleep. It probably has a soft mattress and a cozy duvet.

It's The PRINCE! We found him!

The Princess of EVERYTHING
...who was fast asleep about two seconds after entering her
chariot. We have a lifetime ahead to look for Princes my sweet!


  1. Ma Soeur,
    What a delightful adventure for wee Zoë with her grandmother the storyteller! Great photos.

  2. I think the "veering off the road" is a little exaggerated... it was the kind of curb that is meant to be driven over. It's a Belgian thing.

  3. Zoe is so adorable in that pink hat...what a great find? Love the photos..beautiful. I think the driving over a median is actually a family thing from the McDougal/Rodger side of course. Lindsey took us for a similar ride except she also took out a small bush blooming in the median...definetly not a Belgian thing. To this day she denies the incident happened.

  4. I just love these blog posts where you offer a narrative along with a series of photos. Love them!!

    And that family photo is divine :-)

  5. Zoe needs to be in "Little Vogue". she is so gorgeous. How are you taking these pictures with Zoe in your arms.

  6. Got a little teary when I saw that photo of Papy and His Girls tender and fresh.