Monday, July 19, 2010

Listen to this


  1. My goodness, a little bossy aren't we :-)
    Well, I shall read, as you know I already have my PVR set, and can I buy this on iTunes, perchance? It's beautiful.

  2. For a real laugh, go to YouTube and check out what Saunders and French do to "Mamma Mia." Too much!!!


  3. David, this is hilarious! It was just such a schlocky movie and we had nothing else to watch. It was a great comedy in it's own cruel way. Thanks for this link :)
    You Tube Comedy

  4. Hi, Leslie...enjoying your great family photos and scenic views! Psst...I thought "MM" was great, what's not to love? The cast, music, setting (ESP. the setting, how I want to visit those islands!) So, no harm in poking a bit of fun now and then (since that movie made a GAZILLION $$ at the B.O.) I LOVE all of those Saunders & French clips! - David