Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looks familiar

A stock pot full of water can be a happy diversion in really hot weather.

The addition of a few new water toys makes it even better.

An early start at talking to dolphins is quite scientific.

Sometimes you are startled by familiar looks on the face of your granddaughter. This picture has always been a favourite of ours and sums up Zoë's Mummy to a tee! Is it my imagination or is there a resemblance with the picture above? Somewhat of a furrowed brow? :)

This may be the beginning of yet another skeptic in the family!

You may have noticed the bassinet in the background of this photo. It was the sweetest rocking cradle with a little cotton curtain. Within months, Jane had figured out how to maneuver to one side of the bed thus catapulting herself onto the floor. The solution was to remove it from it's legs and have it on terra firma.

More of these looks to come!


  1. Aren't you organized with your photos. They are both lovely babies. Oh for the good times. sigh!

  2. Ma Soeur,
    Great photos and I love when you compare those of mother and daughter. Quite a resemblance. The bassinet is quite something and they were quite sought after in our day. Leave it to Jane of course to have the thing toppling over!