Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If Zoë were here................

Oh Zoë, let's go for a little evening stroll in the big park. We must get a wiggle on though, the light is fading from the sky. I guess the man who takes the tickets decided there was too much biting going on in the carousel and he closed it for the night. We'll come back tomorrow and hope that the animals have had a good rest. NO MORE BITING!

Some other little children are in the park as well. It's a good thing to walk your doggy before he has to go to sleep.

Remember how Papi was telling you about all the ruckus with the G8 in Toronto? Well, here's a sign that says the G7 members were in this park! When you get bigger we'll tell you all about Bill Clinton and Jean Chretien.

Let's go over this bridge. We want to see if we can find the rose garden before it gets too dark!

Oh my, the roses are beautiful and smell so nice in the evening light. Soon they will be all gone. Too much heat for such delicate blooms.

That IS the strangest bird I have ever seen. She's wearing green tights! She's quite a colourful little thing isn't she?

Oh, Oh! Her baby is going the wrong way! Turn around little one, you are supposed to be heading for the water!

Mama bird yells....EVERYONE IN THE's getting dark. Come along little ones we have a ways to swim to our nest!

Zoë!! It's a ZOO....IN the park! Oh I wish we'd been a bit earlier, let's see who is still awake in here. Well, what a show this porcupine has for us. I'm glad he's well behind the glass. No, we can't touch those quills, never, never, never. Let's hope the doggies know this or they will have sore noses. Papi says doggies are just like that, sniffing and getting into lots of trouble with porcupines.

Oh the darling Meerkats! This one is making sure everyone is home and getting their faces washed before going to bed. Most of the other zoo animals are already asleep.

Well, alright, let's all try to stand on one leg. Good Zoë! I'm not sure if he's sleeping or not. He might be. What do you think?

Are the flamingos eating shrimp in their pond? Usually that's what makes them such a wonderful colour. There are pelicans too! Can you find one more of those little green legged fellows on the island?

Oh MY Stars! THE SPARKLE HORSE!!! She flew away from the other carousel and came to land on this one! I wonder if the animals inside are less ferocious than the carousel at the gate? They're asleep right now, so we'll have to come back in the day time to check it out.

The Swan family are having a late evening snack just before they go to bed. We were looking for them in the water, and here they are on the grass! Funny swans.

And so to bed my princess. You must fall asleep like all the little birdies and animals that we saw tonight on our walk through the big park. Dors bien ma petite, dors bien.


  1. We would have let you take Zoë to Lyon with you if we'd have known that there was going to be this much excitement there! Zoë thought it was going to be nothing but a bunch of biochemists...

  2. First of all, I'm grinning from ear to ear. So absolutely charming.

    Secondly, my word verification today is winess. Hmmmm. Are you spending your evenings being a winess, by any chance? A nice little burgundy, or perhaps more bubbly?

  3. Ah, the trail of clues the word verification offers. After submitting my last comment, the new word verification staring me in the face is misred.

    I could not resist. It IS a clue. You are enjoying a delightful little red wine; Blogger is trying to tell me this, in its secretive style. But I say, more bubbly! It's too hot for red.....

  4. Yes, I agree, you have the makings of a childrens' book! Won't it be nice whrn you can take Zoe on a trip to the zoo? Love the carousel photos, too, such beautifully-carved creatures. We are simply wilting here in DC now...


  5. Now we are all waiting to hear what you did last night? Red? White?

    Thinking of you....with every bite I take!!