Sunday, July 25, 2010

Under the Full Moon

Despite the pouring rain that didn't deter anyone seated on the lawn, Lilith came to Toronto last night. There had been all sorts of rumours that this concert, as some already had, would be canceled. It wasn't. The attendance was great and the fans, if not the performers (Kelly Clarkson - BOOOO) were faithful. Our seats were perfect, at the main stage, and in the covered section.

Who knew that "The Court Yard Hounds" were previously "The Chicks" in The Dixie Chicks! We loved them and will look for their music.

Have to say that Mary J. Blige puts on a real stage show, something about seeing her live and the guts that she puts into a performance makes me like her more. This Stairway to Heaven song is a fabulous one for her to sing.

Another Canadian, Chantal Kreviazuk, sang an appropriate song..feels like home, I may have to watch "The Notebook" again.

But Sarah, Oh Sarah. This latest album of hers and her performance is testament to the strength of this woman. She's better than ever. Her voice is mellifluous and true and deep and convincing. She's strong and grounded. Wonderful. She sang lots of old favourites interspersed with a few new ones.... Still a HUGE fan! Thanks Sarah for putting this women in song together. Quite the concert.

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  1. It looked fabulous, I was so surprised it didn't get more TV time.

  2. I'm so glad the rain didn't dampen your spirits or enthusiasm. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing the clips :-)

  3. Does this mean you are now home? I am glad you enjoyed the concert. It sounded great.

  4. did you click your heels together with your ruby slippers...and say...there's no place like home...there's no place like home...and here you are!!!! glad you're back

    linda k

  5. Sounds like a teriabl-ly fabulous concert but I am missing you something teriabl, Leslie. My class is just teriabl without you there. You have been gone a teriabl-ly long time.
    Guess what my word verification is???

  6. I totally agree with you about the Lilith concert - in a word FANTASTIC. I attended it with our daughter, which made it even better.
    We enjoyed it under an umbrella for part of it but then it cleared up. All the performers were so amazing on stage. I especially liked what Sarah said "We are all supposed to be here together, at this moment".
    Welcome back and I hope to see you soon!!!