Friday, July 23, 2010

What a find!

Mamère! What do you mean you have an iPhone! My Mummy wants an iPhone and I do too!

Oh man. I am SO dexterous enough to handle one of these things. They really are just the right size for let's see what you've got loaded on here...

All MY songs are on here. Okay, this is great. I'm in heaven..."They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace!"

This really should be something invented for babies. I'm surprised no one has thought of it yet. Can't tell you how amusing this is for curious 6 month old babies! Baby Genius indeed. I would however keep it to the iPod portion and forgo the phone app. Those long distance calls could be killers!:)


  1. Ma soeur,
    Yes, and I hear from those with direct experience, that the 911 operators are not amused!

  2. In photo #3, I believe she is checking out the Toy Camera app. It certainly looks like she is taking YOUR photo! :-)
    Have you contacted Apple yet about arranging a modelling contract for Zoë?

  3. Don't you just wonder what is running through her little head? No wonder little kids are tekkie wizards; they start in infancy.