Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sounds like

Perhaps it's because most of my "growing up" was in the 50's that I vividly remember this commercial, and my Dad always had "Chevies". Dinah was always belting out this ditty on the much awaited Sunday night Ed Sullivan show. It sticks in my mind to this day.

The theme song from Jurassic Park was our son's favourite music in his "growing up" days, in fact he bought the sheet music for the piano. Whenever I hear this John Williams tune on the radio, I immediately think of the Chevy commercial. You have to get to the main refrain, but see what you think. This is a bit of a longer YouTube version, but it IS after all the Cincinnati Pops version, and that's another great American institution.

It must also be a favourite of the morning people on my classical radio station 96.3 FM. It has been my wake-up song recently.

Dinah Shore also made the best rice pudding in the world which makes me wonder why Burt Reynolds left her!


  1. Did you see the Oprah shows where she travelled the USA with her friend Gayle, in a Chevrolet? Oprah had said that she had always wanted to do that, based on this very ditty.
    You know me and a road trip......say the word, and I'll hop in the car. I have seen much of the eastern US (yes, in a Chevrolet too) and I can testify that a road trip, especially off the interstates, is the only true way to see an area. SmalltownUSA is hidden to all the interstate travellers and there are many gems to be found if the time can be taken.
    Thanks for sharing the clip; I'll be singing this all week now!

  2. Oh, I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Jurassic Park. I even read the entire novel aloud to the kids one summer. (I'm off to listen to the music again).