Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The things that you learn

One evening around a particularly animated dining table in New Mexico, the discussion turned to what everyone was reading. The cover of Newsweek, August 9, 2010 had the most interesting revelation. After one hundred years, Mark Twain's autobiography will be released this November. I was asked if I had ever read "The Mysterious Stranger". I have not, but I will.

There is much conjecture as to why Twain would only permit his work to be released so long after his death. I think this Independent article sums it up nicely, and will really pique your interest. Sounds like America's best-known author was a bit racy after all!

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  1. I adore Twain. I'll be reading it, for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

    (Have you seen Ken Burns documentary on him? It's fabulous.)