Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scents move me almost as much as the music

Okay, have you smelled this stuff yet??? It's totally intoxicating. It's a trip to Morocco and the Casbah and whisks you away on an exotic magic carpet. It's not cheap, but let's call it spa in a bottle without the travel expense. I was in rapture at the hairdresser today, and will use this sparingly, on special occasions.

I don't wear much perfume any more. Sometimes, if I'm not going to annoy anyone but myself, I will indulge in a slight dab behind an ear or a knee...I have always loved Hermès and "24 Faubourg", probably because Princess Diana counted it amongst her favourites as well. Faubourg is described as "A floral, amber fragrance; a sun-drenched voyage to Mediterranean countries. Pure, glowing and sensual, 24, Faubourg is a fragrance of light." I love that description.

Of late, my scent of preference has been "Un Jardin Sur le Nil". It's description: "A perfume of light and life, generous and sparkling. A bottle reflecting the shimmering green and ochre tints of the banks of the Nile River appreciated by women and men alike."

One, if not both, of these people was wearing one of these scents!

If you ever get a chance to totally indulge, I don't know what the fragrance is, but it too is an intoxication for your linen closet.

I know, I know, allergies etc. I still like the fragrance that lingers on my bathrobe after adding just a dab of something exotic to my unscented body lotion.

What with the new ballroom line dancing session coming up soon, I may just dab a little on the Professor and see if it improves the tango :)


  1. I LOVE Moroccanoil! I have been using it for quite awhile and though my frizzy hair doesn't look any different the smell of the stuff is what gets to me. You describe it perfectly, Leslie!


  2. These scents must be divine! I remember my mother wore "White Shoulders" - rather old-fashioned, not very chic, but there ya go.


  3. I love the luxury of beautiful scents. My "signature" scent is L'air du Temps and I have always been a sucker for the classic, Joy, but I am always up to try something new :-)

  4. LOVR the Moroccan !!! Maddie and I use the oil treatment. When I smell it in my hair I think of the beach. I use it alot during the harsh, cold, dreary northwest winter....and it takes me too Mauii every time.