Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shower Ingredients

First you take a radiant young woman and handsome young man and gently start the dance.

Add a few flowers for romance.

Before long, an invitation arrives for an exquisite celebration.

There is a ring and a toast with champagne.

A few vintage era rolled party sandwiches...especially cream cheese and cherry

Fruit for the purists

Cupcakes - one for each hand, to go with the tea, expertly poured from the silver service

Mix in smiles, laughter, congratulations and lots of love...and you have a wonderful afternoon


  1. These are beautiful pictures that I have so hoped to see. Thank you for posting them. love to the happy couple and the happy hostess.

  2. Well you've been very busy, it all looks delicious and beautiful. No surprise there, for me at least, you are a wonderful hostess.

  3. Best wishes to the happy couple! Ooo...those cuppie cakes look wonderful!!

  4. Ma Soeur,
    The photos are fabulous, and having attended, I wish to inform your followers that everything, down to the most minute detail, was absolutely exquisite. Nothing ever seems too much trouble for you, the expert and most gracious hostess. You do have that special flair and obviously take such pleasure in making all guests deliriously happy. It was indeed a very special afternoon.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Ta Soeur

  5. Thank you again Leslie for a wonderful afternoon! You are so talented -- and now I can add photography skills to the list! I think you should seriously consider starting a "Shower" business. Move over Martha Stewart!

    xoxo Indira

  6. Ma tante!
    Move over Martha indeed! This looks just as fabulous and a canoe shower I seem to recall. I wish I could have been there for the cupcakes alone.

  7. SO glad to see these photos - what a stylish and lovely tea table as only LJM Productions can create! I know this was a perfect afternoon, down to the last tea sandwich (love that retro touch!). I am also sure the happy couple were as pleased as punch - and your pal Helen is right on the money with her comments! Just wish I could have been there to help polish silver and roll sandwiches...


  8. How beauty informs you life. A rich heritage that will enrich and sustain.
    thanks for sharing the beauty.

    Tante d

  9. Dearest Leslie,

    I spy with my little eye what appear to be Royal Doulton ladies on your elegant sideboard. Had you but asked, I would have very graciously loaned to you my own Royal Doulton service with the hand-painted periwinkles. Leslie, yes - Elizabeth...well, dear, you know...don't you?

    Hyacinth B.

  10. I can envision it all. Beautifully done - as only you could do.